PS-i GN Hybrid Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Product Code:  99-0000-0134

Short Description

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The PS-ign Hybrid is a new and revolutionary version of our PS-ign a legendary instrument used by thousands of HVAC/R and automotive technicians around the globe.

It uses a new Digital-Hybrid ultrasound converter that produces crystal clear sound translation which helps you identify the origin of different sounds and the location of a fault.

A peak hold display feature makes leak detection much faster.

The goose neck mounted sensor offers very high sensitivity at the leak spot offering flexibility and ease of use in tight areas like automobile engine compartments.


Best for: Compressed Air Leak Detection in piping networks and pneumatic panels, Industrial HVAC/R, Automotive AC Systems, Mobile Refrigeration, Automotive Maintenance, Vacuum Leak Detection, Electrical Arcing.

The PS-ign Hybrid Ultrasonic Leak Detector kit includes:

  • The PS-ign Hybrid Base Unit
  • OTH Noise Attenuating Headset (Over-The-Head)
  • Large Carrying Case with front & back high visibility labels.(Hard plastic shell, foam padded, compartmentalized and lockable)
  • Quick Start Guide-User Manual: on-line.

PS-ign Hybrid Base Unit ultrasonic leak detector technical details:

  • Sensor: High sensitivity sensor mounted at the end of a vinyl covered metallic flex tubing.
  • Ultrasound Converter: Digital Hybrid.
  • Display: Ten (10) element bar graph with selectable peak-hold and over range audible notification.
  • Sensitivity Control: Infinitely variable slide allowing "On-the-fly" change of sensitivity.
  • Controls: Push Button (Serves as ON/OFF, Peak Hold selector).
  • Low Battery indicator: Flashes 1,5,10 LEDs and beeps in the headset.
  • Good Battery acceptance: LED roll and headset beep.
  • Audio output: 0Hz to 6kHz

The PS-ign Hybrid Ultrasonic Leak Detector is capable of:

  • Detecting a 5PSI (0.345 Bar) pressure leak out of a 5mil (0.127mm) hole, 30 to 40 feet (9m to 12m) away depending on background noise.
  • Detecting any gas that generates ultrasonic sound during flow.
  • Detecting vacuum leaks.
  • Detecting the advanced ultrasonic modes of SB-II for complex Static Leak Detection.