PSX-3000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Product Code:  99-0000-0029

Short Description

Ultrasonic Inspection System

Dual signal processor leak detector. Automatic leak frequency tuning through AFT. Specialized Heterodyne Output. Totally sealed aluminum body.

Valued approximately one third of the cost of a 1/4” hole at 90 PSI leaking compressed air for 7000 hours.

ROI 265%.


Best for: Institutional Maintenance, Compressed Air Leak Detection in Noisy Industrial Plants, Steam Trap Leak Detection or Maintenance, Bearing Diagnostics, Arcing & Corona

The PSX-3000 Ultrasonic leak detector kit includes:

  • Base Unit
  • 6" Wave Guide
  • Noise Attenuating Headset (behind the head)
  • Large Carrying Case

Base Unit ultrasonic leak detector technical details:

  • Multi-patented Digital Ultrasonic Inspection System.
  • Dual Processing Signal Blocks, Heterodyne and AFT.
  • Totally sealed hard anodized aluminum construction including the sensor, will not be damaged by sprays or splashes.
  • "On-the-fly" change of sensitivity-AFT level.
  • Frequency Range: Heterodyne: 32kHz to 44kHz AFT: 20kHz to 100kHz.
  • Audio Output 0Hz to 6.5kHz. Dedicated output from the Heterodyne block.
  • Capable of detecting a 5 psi leak out of a .005" (5/1000 inch) hole, 20 to 30 feet away depending on background noise.
  • Capable of detecting any gas that generates ultrasonic sound during flow including vacuum leaks.
  • Uses a NiMH rechargeable battery.