PS-2200L LeakView® Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Product Code:  99-0000-0132

Short Description

Ultrasonic Inspection System

Digital Dual Sensor Leak Detector with LeakView®.

LeakView® feature illuminates automatically distant leaks with its laser pointer to aid in locating compressed air leaks in pipes and networks mounted high above ground.

Integrated Touch Probe Sensor can detect defective valves, bearings, steam traps and low frequency noises without having to switch expensive sensor modules. Simple push of a button toggles between sensors.

Valued a little more than a third of the cost of a 1/4” hole at 90 PSI leaking compressed air for 7000 hours. ROI 265%.


Best for: Compressed Air Audits, Compressed Air Leak Detection in Large Facilities, Compressed Air Leak Detection in high mounted pipe networks, Industrial HVAC/R, Institutional Maintenance, Steam Trap Maintenance, Electrical Arcing & Corona, Low Speed Rolling Element Diagnostics, Bearing Diagnostics, Lubrication Condition and Greasing.

The PS-2200L Ultrasonic Inspection System kit includes:

  • The PS-2200L Base Unit with LeakView® Laser Pointer
  • 6 inch long Stainless Steel Touch Probe with precision locking wrench (S-Probe)
  • 6 inch long ¼”Diameter Wave Guide
  • Segmented Aluminum Extension Touch Probe (3.5 feet long X-Probe)
  • BTH Noise Attenuating Headset (Behind-The-Head)
  • Large Carrying Case with front & back high visibility labels.(Hard plastic shell, foam padded, compartmentalized and lockable)Quick Start Guide-User manual, on-line.

PS-2200L Base Unit ultrasonic leak detector technical details:

Multi-patented Digital Ultrasonic Inspection System with LeakView®Sensors:

  • Contains integrated dual sensors for airborne leaks and structure borne sounds from internal leaks.
  • Displays: Dual displays. Twenty (20) element bar graph with peak-hold and separate Alphanumeric Digital Display for instrument settings and output levels.
  • Laser Pointer: LeakView® Laser Pointer illuminates distant leaks automatically.
  • AudioZoom™: Independent Sensitivity and Volume Controls allowing AudioZoom™ and "On-the-fly" change of sensitivity.
  • Ultrasound Converter: Digitally Controlled Heterodyne
  • Airborne sound frequency ranges: AirH: 36kHz to 42kHz, AirL: 26kHz to 34kHz
  • Structure borne sound frequency ranges:PbH: 36kHz to 42kHz, PbL: 16kHz to 24kHz PbS: 0 to 10kHz. Audio output 0Hz to 6kHz

PS-2200L LeakView® - Leak detector is capable of:

  • Detecting a 5PSI (0.345 Bar) pressure leak out of a 5mil (0.127mm) hole, 30 to 40 feet (9m to 12m) away depending on background noise.
  • Detecting any gas that generates ultrasonic sound during flow.
  • Detecting vacuum leaks.
  • Detecting the advanced ultrasonic modes of SB-II for complex Static Leak Detection.