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Why PlantScan?

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Today’s Plants are very complex interconnected & interdependent systems requiring multiple types of measurements to assess their condition to diagnose problems and to predict their future state. It used to be adequate having a multimeter to troubleshoot electrical panels, until digital electronics, networked devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) became a part of them. Sophisticated tools and techniques are now needed that can detect and capture events which can occur in complex patterns.

Troubleshooting electro-pneumatic systems that control many production tasks must be fast and accurate. Valves and sensors are connected in manifolds and air leaks among them are impossible to detect without an ultrasonic leak detector. Pneumatic actuators pose an even more challenging problem because they move.

Detecting and stopping air leaks in a plant is now a management priority.
Air leaks cost a lot of money and contribute to the final cost of any product produced. Detecting air leaks stops the waste of energy, stops compressors dryers filters and distribution networks from running extra hours and most importantly reduces the carbon foot print of the facility.

Management needs numbers and processes that cannot be measured cannot be managed, controlled or improved. Managers need to know not only the current condition of a plant or a key machine, but its future condition also. Reputations and brands depend on the ability to deliver quality products on time and on budget. Accepting a large order from a key account when you do not know the condition of your plant is simply a gamble. It is like going on a long road trip with a car that has not been serviced for some time and whose mechanical condition is unknown. Maintenance used to be a nuisance and an afterthought to plant operators; it was a cost, a problem, a headache and never a profit center.

PlantScan believes that maintenance should be viewed as a profit center because money invested in a smart controllable way will save thousands more in unplanned downtime. Downtime costs a lot more than the cost of parts and man-hours. It costs in lost production, in ruined raw materials, in lost profits and in customer dissatisfaction. It costs your Brand Name.

These concepts may be known to some degree but surprisingly many people ignore them. The health condition of machines is like a puzzle picture. Each piece of the puzzle is as important as any other and all are needed to make up the picture.

This is the approach we take at PlantScan. Collect and sort the puzzle pieces of machines and help you see the big picture.
Ultrasonic inspection is one of these very important pieces and so is temperature measurement and fluids analysis.

The puzzle piece Ultrasonic inspection is:

Compressed Air Leak Detection
Compressed Gasses Leak Detection
Vacuum Leak Detection
Steam Trap Leak Detection
Rolling Bearing Wear Detection
Lubrication Condition Detection
Lubrication Application Assistance (Helps to now when to stop)

The puzzle piece Temperature Measurement is:

Steam trap assessment.
Bearing temperature for wear analysis.
Bearing temperature for lubrication assessment.
HVAC/R performance assessment.

The puzzle piece Lubricant and Fluid Analysis is:

Wear analysis.
Lubricant condition.
Contamination detection.
Failure detection.

Key to seeing this machine condition picture is the understanding that each data piece has its own shape, size and place. Each one will provide you with some information which by itself may be an indication of a changing condition but unless the change is extreme may not be enough to predict a future state.

PlantScan helps you collect the puzzle pieces, analyze them and find where they fit so you can see the whole picture.